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The major problems faced by most individual organizations that offer “financial opportunities”, is that they only have the ability to draw on their own services and reserves, and are usually restricted to the currency, interest rates and regulations of the country in which their organization is registered.

This is where GLOBAL LIVING LIFE INSURANCE (GLLI)  differs dramatically from these types of organizations mentioned above.
Our group has its servers and customer service located throughout the Kingdom of the Netherlands and some parts of Southern and Northern Europe, including Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark and Sweden,  which consists of a large group of countries and provinces with stable governments, and are registered and partnered through financial institutions, both private and public, that enjoy a growing economy and ensure cross border international status and protection.

Our select group of financial experts that administer GLLI, have a staggering 185 years of combined experience in this field. From banking to insurance, our group has it covered.
This type of  venture has never been offered before and that is why there is only a limited number of policies available in this ground breaking offer.

It has taken nearly 3 years of feverishly working behind the scenes, using both existing software as well as the development of proprietary software to analyze and test all aspects of the program to ensure its stability and success. This was followed by searching and negotiating with private insurance companies, financial institutions and investors to find the right mix of devoted and stable organizations for GLOBAL LIVING LIFE INSURANCE (GLLI)  to be able to present this “one off opportunity”.

As explained above, after almost  three years of searching and negotiating, GLLI  has managed to acquire a small number of single premium life insurance contracts. These contracts are paid out with a single premium payment and then, through our private insurance companies, released to the contract owner.  A premium payment  is required, up-front,  for each contract, this is where our private investors come in and fund these payments.
Once this is done, the final payout per policy is split between the private investor, the financial institution, GLLI and the programs members (you).

Joining this amazing program is very simple. All you need to do is go to our Register page, register as a member, purchase a policy for $30 and then collect your $50,000US when the policies are sold out. Or, if you do not wish to purchase a policy, but just wish to make money, collect your unique affiliate code from your members area and start making money by joining up new members. GLLI will pay you $10 for every new, financial member signed up under your affiliate code. We also have a large selection of free Ebooks that will help you make the correct financial decisions on how to protect your new-found wealth.

If you have any further inquiries or wish to know more about this program, please check out our FAQ’s page or send us a Support Ticket.

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